OutPost-42 is a community-based Half-Life Deathmatch server and website. The server runs the latest version of BubbleMod as well as custom modifications and plugins for things such as vote gravity, "seen player", and kamikaze to name a few.

OutPost-42 features a community of active Half-Life players which extends itself into the server as well as the forums. The server was first started in 2005 and has an extensive library of custom maps. The server always contains one bot with the name of "WileE" which part of an inside joke in the community. Besides the mapcycle, users can also choose to vote for next maps which are not in the current mapcycle.


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  • Mudcat
  • Slap Happy
  • Dr.
  • real_beginner
  • Hawk


  • Cally
  • troll


OutPost-42 main page

The website, which has been online since 2005, contains a number things such as rules, skin downloads, custom commands, links, and forums. The forums registration is by administrator activation to avoid spam and for building a tighter-knit community, which is one of the main focuses of OutPost-42.

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