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WON2Steam Log Fixer is a Metamod plugin created by Jussi Kivilinna (aka evilspy) and released on November 30th, 2005.

Some third party modifications still use WON identification string in their log file, instead of SteamID strings. When run with Metamod, this plugin will convert WONID strings to their SteamID counterpart when exporting to log files. It is noted that this plugin has been tested to work with with Severian's Mod, a Half-Life Deathmatch modification, which is seen as one of the most popular uses for this plugin. The source code to both released versions have been released to the public.


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  • 1.0 (Initial Release) - Released on November 30th, 2005.
  • 1.1 - Released on March 18th, 2007.

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